Monday, November 16, 2009

Team Jacob!

Welcome to my official countdown to New Moon special!

I looove Jacob. I'm not too sure what it is. But, he just does it. It's a little bit weird, because technically he is illegal. However that doesn't stop my crush.
He takes care of Bella, and truly cares for her. He wants to be there for her and he loves her. He doesn't mind being hurt by Bella because he knows she has special feelings for him that Bella will never have for Edward. Ohhh Jake.
I wish I read the books before the movie. Because the images definitely did influence my decision. And well Robert Pattinson is a hottie, he just isn't my cup of tea. Taylor Lautner however. Yummy.

Fun Fact: Tonight there is a new moon!


the emily said...

Oh I just LOVE Jacob. It all stems from book 2 where he saves her, over and over, and then in book 3 when she has to give him up I SOB. I mean every time I read it I curl up in a ball and sob all over again--because it's true, what he says. Edward is a drug to her that she CAN'T give up. But he is sunshine and air and light and happiness and smiles and everything good about the world. Love him love him love him. I want to re-write a book with him as the main character. I just love him.

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you and Kari have a great time at the movies!

I know you will not just cause of the company but also because of the company.

Enjoy a great weekend.

Love Mom

Nikki said...

I do like Jacob, but I am definitely a Team Edward kind of gal.

Anonymous said...

I must say, Jacob really grew on me in New Moon...might have something to do with his muscle bound, no shirt wearing appearances throughtout the movie! I am still a Team Jasper kina gal, even if his hair looked awful this time around. Hopefully he gets his old hair back in Eclipse! Edward is growing on me too :)

Anonymous said...

that was me, forgot to sign. -Kari