Wednesday, November 18, 2009

something I love: New Moon edition

My garage.

My house is what I call a bachelorette pad. I have colorful walls, colorful decorations, and childhood things all around my house. Including posted up in my garage. I imagine if I were a teenager right now, my bedroom would be covered in Twilight posters, and every picture of Jacob ever taken, all over my walls.

My garage is special to me because it has my secret indulgences posted in it. The first thing I posted in my garage was my Colorado Avalanche poster. Later I added the Colorado Rockies National League Championship poster. It has my New Mexico license plate, and my numbers from the races I've
raced including my mom's from Race for the Cure. Plus souvenirs from Chicago and Austin.

Most recently are my Twilight and New Moon poster's. I really really thought that New Moon poster I got was the movie poster, and that's the one I really wanted, because it has Jacob in it. But when I opened it, it was the one with Bella and Edward. I was a little bit sad, but that's ok.

I love my garage!


the emily said...

Oooh, fun! I like it.

Wonderer said...

oh, I love the posters in the garage! my friend's garage is her hubby's "man-cave" ~ he's got a stripper pole. Twilight posters are much easier on the eyes! ;-) (oh, and they've got kiddos - at a b-day party, some 6 year olds were climbing the pole!!!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love your garage. Perhaps you can get something relating to the Rockies Manager of the Year!
Just a thought.

(I want a stripper pole!!) LOL


Nikki said...

Cool April

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see Edward everytime we pulled into your garage...Luscious, just luscious! LOL


Anonymous said...

HA! I just saw Aunt Barbara's post...LMAO!!