Sunday, November 1, 2009


Lets make that 30 pounds!!! What exactly does that mean, you ask? Well exactly 2 weeks ago I posted about my weight loss, this journey of one that I'm on, and that I've only lost 27 pounds. Well I weighted myself this morning before going to STRIKE! and in the past 2 weeks I've lost 3 pounds! I can't even begin to tell you how happy those results made me! Especially since I've only been averaging 2 pounds a month! To finally get what I consider "normal" results, just completely changed my mood. From depressed to elated.
For whatever reason the past couple of nights I've just been off. I've been sad, and lonely, and ridiculously close to contacting P. These 3 tiny pounds have flipped a switch, and turned everything upside down! I can't even express the emotion I feel. Now if I can just keep up this pace, that'll make me super happy. And it won't take me 5 years to get to my goal. But lets end things on a positive note. GO ME!


reflections said...

Suuuuuuuuuuhweet! WTG April :)

the emily said...


Nikki said...

Ha! That's great!!!!!! I am happy for you.

fotobug said...

A little cross training does wonders!!! GO APRIL!!! :)

Anonymous said...

So very proud of you. yes yes yes
Can hardly wait for your next 3 pounds, yes yes yes

It is happening and my emotions are as excited as yours.

Love and Pride,