Sunday, October 18, 2009

the numbers

so i'm on this journey that seems like it is literally taking fooooooooorever. and to be honest i hate it. ...and i love it. but i more so hate it. but i know i will love the end result which is why i guess i am continuing on. last august is when i conscientiously decided to lose weight. i bought a scale to weight myself and started to consistently go to the gym. over the past 14 months i've lost 27 pounds. which sucks. just plain sucks. especially since i have 80 more pounds to go. right now i'm trying to really pay attention to what works and what doesn't. i have a few things working in my advantage and working that for me, and not against me. one big part is of course food. they say you don't even need to work out to lose weight, you just need to to watch what you eat. so that's where a lot of my focus is right now. among other things. i'm also going to work on setting realistic goals and weighing myself more frequently. my goal is 15pounds for every 12 weeks. and that is what i'm working for. a lot of people have seen a difference, and i'm finally getting rid of clothes. being home last weekend was very rewarding in regards to hearing compliments from people i haven't seen in a good amount of time. i'm also getting compliments from people at work who see me almost everyday. i guess the good news is that i'm trying, and people are noticing my efforts even though the results aren't numerically where i want them to be. so i just wanted to document where i am on this journey thus far. and ways on how i can step things up with the end of the year near.


the emily said...

April, you should be SO PROUD of yourself. You have made amazing lifestyle changes that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Going to the gym even a few times a week is SO GOOD FOR YOU, even if the numbers don't reflect it. I bet if you had done a complete physical (cholesterol, blood pressure, fat percentages) all that would be way different now. Good for you for sticking with it even when it's hard. I've heard that food is the most important thing as well (from my friend who's a personal trainer) so good for you for taking that on too. you ROCK.

Wonderer said...

Emily said it perfectly. You should be so proud of yourself, you are doing amazing, wonderful things for your body and your future.

Are you keeping a food journal? I'm about to start one - it's easier for me to watch what I eat if I need to account for that handful of M&Ms every time I walk past the candy bowl, you know?

Anonymous said...

I to am sooooo proud.

I knew you would figure it out. And more so than ever my pride shines inside and out.
Can hardly wait to see you again next month.
And I would be proud to get you another pair of pants!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know you except for your blog but I totally admire you!

Nikki said...

I can see a difference in the pictures you post. I am proud of you. It is a lifestyle change, so the more you live this way the easier it will be for you.

You are truly amazing!