Monday, October 19, 2009

balloon boy

people here are calling it "the boy and his balloon". not balloon boy, because, well the boy was NEVER in the balloon. i suppose i'm adding fuel to the fire, because this isn't news, yet here i am giving it attention. here in Denver my news of choice comes from 9 News. I'll randomly go to to check out the days events. On Thursday i decided to check it out around lunch time when there was this coverage of a balloon in the sky and a 6 year old boy trapped inside. your first thought is "oh my god, how did THAT happen?!" then you start freaking out about this poor boy, and praying that he is ok. 9news reported that it was "the family" (when the story was first reported the family hadn't given there name, or the boys name) who originally contacted 9news to have there helicopter go up and help rescue the boy. i'm hoping that this was the second telephone call that the family made, and that the first call was made to 9-1-1. in my opinion that is the first red flag. why would your second telephone call be made to a news station? ...because you want this to be news. and why if you seriously thought your little 6 year old boy was inside of that balloon would you want it to unfold on TV. have the balloon land, and searched with a high possibility of a life-less body found inside. ...because you (the family) knew that when the balloon landed there wouldn't be anything to find because the balloon would be empty. funny how all the pieces are slowly coming together, isn't it?
when you see that balloon land, it is apparent that nothing was inside. did you see how smooth the landed was? if a 6year old child who weights 37 pounds were inside the landing wouldn't have been so smooth. ...and of course reports have now come out that that balloon never could have carried a 37 pound anything in the first place.
it was also originally reported that it was the 6 year old and his older brother who were outside playing when the balloon got lose. but then a video emerged where the dad was also outside, and he saw the balloon get lose and float away. at that moment how do you not know where your kids are at? how is that you could think one is inside? i don't get it.

i'm kinda over the whole story. it was exciting watching the balloon live, and seeing it land live. but now i'm done. one of the funniest jokes i've seen in regards to "balloon boy" was Saturday night on SNL during Weekend Update. You see Seth Meyers with a picture of the balloon on the screen and he says "And on Thursday a boy hid in his attic."
The below clip isn't the one i just mentioned, but it was another funny part of Weekend Update.


the emily said...

I'm so horrified at what that family did. This should not be news anymore! But I sure hope the kids get to stay with their parents. They may have made a bad choice, but I don't think their kids should be taken away. Maybe some parenting/life classes.

Nikki said...

That's a weird story. I totally agree with you, it is hard to determine what the situation is with that family. I saw clips of them on some morning show and it was a really weird dynamic. It just made me really sad for the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it either!