Saturday, October 24, 2009

~something I love~

let me start off by saying i am not a girly girl. i don't like smelly things. i don't like smelly soap, or lotion, or smelly candles. i'm not huge into hair and make up or fancy things. but this. this i love, and it is surprisingly so.

it is Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Lavender Liquid Hand Soap.

i drink a lot of water. and i mean a lot. it is all i drink. i drink it all day at work, and because of that i go to the ladies room a lot. ...a. lot. like 6+ times in a 8 hour shift. because of that i wash my hands a lot. and someone (i don't know who) recently put this fancy soap in the restroom. i had no desire for it since i don't like fancy soap so i never gave it a try. well, this week i was washing my hands and thought "what the heck? i'm going to try it." and i. love. it. seriously.
one of the main reasons i don't like smelly stuff is because to me it smells bad. it is too strong, or the scent is just weird, or something. but this. this lavender smell is perfect. and what i like about it even better is the smell stays with you. so after i wash my hands when i go back to my desk, if i get a whiff of my hands, i'm like "....oh that smells goooood." it is truly heavenly. so i decided to look it up on the internet and the products are sold and weird random stores. one of which is bed, bath, and beyond. but only specific bed, bath, and beyonds. for me it is the one in cherry creek, which is a good 20+ miles away from me. but i had a 20% off coupon and i decided i had to have this product in my home.
not only do these products smell good, but they are also very earth friendly. they use only natural ingredients and the products are biodegradable.
in addition to the hand soap they have liquid laundry detergent and dish soap, along with lots of other cool stuff that i'm sure i'll try at some point in time. but for now i'm sticking with the hand soap! you should check it out and get some for yourself!


Wonderer said...

oh, I love lavender (and I avoid most smelly things, too) - I will have to look for that.

Rachel P said...

I think they sell it at Target. I'll have to smell it next time I'm there!

the emily said...

I've seen that before, but now I can't think where. I'll have to keep my eye out!

Anonymous said...

Hope to smell you soon!!

Love, Mom