Saturday, October 17, 2009

twenties girl

Twenties Girl
By Sophie Kinsella

I really liked this book. I picked up this book without reading anything about it, but based solely on the author. When I read the title "twenties girl" I thought that that meant a girl in her twenties. Well now that I have read the book, it is actually about a woman in her twenties who is being haunted by her great aunt who recently died and lived through the 1920's. When I first started this book and the family is at Sadie's funeral, I didn't really get it. Lara's great aunt lived to be 105 and they were all saying "good bye", but none of them really cared because none of them bothered to get to know "great Aunt Sadie" who lived to be 105. well during the process of this funeral Lara gets an excruciating screaming sound in her head. the screaming ends up being a 23year old great Aunt Sadie. this part was kinda hard to get used to. you learn that this younger version of Sadie is a ghost, and can only be seen and heard by Lara.
once we realize Sadie is "alive" she is frantically in search for a necklace that she has had since forever. she is screaming and screaming looking for this necklace that has disappeared, and she is begging Lara to stop the funeral in order to find this necklace. Lara does stop the funeral (you'll have to read to find out how) and begins the journal of finding the "dragon fly necklace". through this journey Lara gets to know and builds a close friendship with her great Aunt Sadie, finds an unexpected love, a new business, and some very dirty family drama. ended with a love for a very special piece of art.
this book was really good. it was different, which i liked and it incorporated fashion and music from my favorite past generation, the roaring 20's!
This is the fourth book I've read by Sophie Kinsella, and I have to say I really enjoy her.

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