Wednesday, October 28, 2009

not looking forward to this

i'm being reminded that Colorado has very long winters. starting now. we have pretty high chances of getting snow starting in October all the way through April, sometimes May. in all honesty snow in Colorado isn't that bad. because of the snow that accumulates here the state has the resources and equipment to get rid of the snow. and each year when the first snow comes i have to remind myself of that, because i always get super nervous.
since late last night it has been snowing in Denver. and it isn't suppose to stop until tomorrow at around 6pm. right now i have about probably 10 inches outside of my house. the real crappy part is i live in a cul-de-sac, so my neighborhood is last to get any sort of snow pushed aside.
when i got home this afternoon i had to go to my backyard to brush of my Directv dish. the snow we are getting are the big fluffy flakes. so things look very pretty.

that's all for snow randomness.


the emily said...

that is nuts! we had a little bit here, but nothing like that. sheesh! it's too early!

Wonderer said...

It's too early for that much snow! Brr!