Sunday, October 25, 2009

all organized

in general i'm a very organized person. sometimes it takes some motivating, but for the most part i keep things in check.
twice a year i switch out my closet. summer clothes for winter clothes in may, and winter clothes for summer clothes in october. it was time to fold up all the summer clothes and bring out the winter clothes. question: am i the only one that does this? my closet isn't big enough to keep all my clothes hanging. and in the past when i've told my friend Tina i do this, she always says to me "april, when you have kids you won't do that." she thinks it's crazy i do this. but this is something i've done for as long as i can remember. and when it is finished, i love it. right now my closet is so nice and organized, it feels great!
this is what i did today. i cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot. i tried on a lot of old pants and was pleasantly surprised by how many old pants are new again! in addition to that i have officially gotten rid of my "fat" pants. ...all the pants i had to buy when i gained this extra weight. that felt GREAT!

all the clothes i'm getting rid of
too bad i wasn't motivated enough to fold and put the clothes i'm getting rid of in bags, and get them moved out of my room! i am organized but i am also lazy. ...the goal is to get the clothes moved out by the end of the week.

on a side note, i didn't see P this weekend.
i'm calling it officially done.


Nikki said...

Look at you! That's cool that you do that, I can't even imagine doing that, but then again it's only winter for a month here.

Way to get rid of those darn fat pants, congrats. I imagine that was a nice victory for you.

Love you!

the emily said...

I do that up to a point. I wear a lot of long-sleeved t-shirts with short-sleeved t-shirts on top in the winter, so there isn't a lot to move when winter comes. but i do move my shorts and capri pants and stuff i know i won't wear to a big bin in isaac's closet, and then bring out my sweaters/sweat shirts that have been put away all summer.

Wonderer said...

I don't have lots of clothes, so usually my out of season stuff works it's way to the back/bottom and finds it's way to the front/top as the seasons change. I do it with the girls, though (I use Em's bin method, along with your "pile to get rid of" method).

Anonymous said...

I do that with my shoes. My clothes stay hung up. When my closet gets overcrowded, I just purge out all the old stuff. I always seem to find something that I am sick of. -Kari

PS- I am supposed to go to the gym at 5am tomorrow. Wish me luck. Aye yi yi!