Friday, October 23, 2009

what to do?

so here's a little bit of an update on my love life, or lack there of. so last i saw P was on Tuesday September 29th. Three and half weeks ago. I still think about him but I don't necessarily miss him. throughout the past 3 1/2 weeks, there has been very little contact. he's sent me a few texts, and i've sent one text, and one email. then this morning he calls me and leaves me a message. he CALLS me! this is very unexpected because so much time has pasted. he wants to see me tomorrow. i don't know what to do. i feel like so much time has pasted, that i think - what's the point? ...but then, i think it would be nice to see him. so i don't know what to do. i've been going back and forth about it all day. my mind is not made up. i keep thinking i know what i'm going to do, but in all honesty i have no clue.
you could say that i'm trying to "move on". a couple of weeks ago i posted an ad on craigslist. ...i know i know, probably not the smartest thing. but i can't expect prince charming (or just a regular guy for that matter) to knock on my door can i? i did meet a guy last sunday. we'll call him D. my ad had 2 pictures posted so this guy knew what i looked like when he replied. we met, had a good/normal conversation, it ended with him telling me he would call me this week to go to a movie. he has yet to call me. i called him today, let him know that i was making my weekend plans and i was wondering if we were getting together. i'm pretty sure i won't be hearing from him.
i am looking forward to tomorrow. i have a good productive day planned, regardless if i see P or not. who knows i may just do what i was planning on and just have it be an April day. but April days are lonely and sad.


Wonderer said...

I hope that your day is going better than you expected, whatever ended up happening. (((hug)))

the emily said...

I wish I knew what to tell you, but I have no idea. My opinion is that if you're totally over the P situation then you should not see him. It'll just drag it out.

Anonymous said...

Im in agreement with Emily, April. P is not good for you, for a number of reasons. The most important reason being that he likes to play games and being with anyone who plays with your head should be an automatic deal breaker. April days may be lonely and sad, but its healthier than being with someone that doesnt treat you the way you should be treated. Love, Kari

Anonymous said...

Concerned, prayers and
lots of love, even if you can't feel the hugs and warmth,
they are truly there!!


Nikki said...

Kari always seems to have the right words, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Hugs from me too.
Love you.