Saturday, November 7, 2009

three dreams

i'm currently re-reading the Twilight Saga. I'm almost half way through "New Moon". When I originally read this series earlier this year, throughout majority of the saga I had very vivid dreams. Mostly about Jacob, with random things as well. well right now i'm having those very vivid dreams again. last night i didn't sleep to well. i had trouble getting to sleep, then once asleep i'm pretty sure i awoke at least 3 times at different times in the middle of the night. once getting up to use the restroom. waking up this morning i remembered some very weird details about my dreams last night. i have no clue if i had one big long weird dream, or if these were three different dreams throughout my sleep.

the first part of the dream it was my birthday. i was on an island, and the island was swaying back and forth(as if i were on a boat), and i had a huge cake with icing all over it, and i was afraid that the rocking back and forth of the island was going to damage my cake. i think i was turning maybe 12 or 13. and i wanted to make sure all my friends had a good time and that i was "cool". one of my childhood friends was there, and she brought a bunch of her friends that i didn't know. and i remember thinking in my head "why did she bring all of these people to my party, that i don't know?" it was outside and beautiful with the ocean in the background.

the second part was in Albuquerque. i was up in a hot air balloon with my cousin Nikki, my cousin Greg, and my Aunt Patti. the balloon wasn't a full size balloon though. we were going around in circles around my aunts neighborhood. around and around. and then all of a sudden my aunts house was on fire. we somehow landing the balloon in a nearby field and ran to the house. once inside the house to fight the fire that was on the upstairs patio my aunt kept telling me over and over to get the embarcardero's. and she was saying it as if i should know exactly what a embarcardero is, and i'm thinking to myself "oh crap, i have no idea what a embarcardero is!"

the last part i was at my desk where i work. my mom was there, and all of a sudden Jeremy comes in with a whole bunch of his friends.
Jeremy was my boyfriend from high school. we are friends on facebook. yesterday was his birthday, and i sent him a "happy birthday" message. well in my dream he was coming around to say thank you. i haven't actually seen Jeremy since the summer of 2000. he lives in Clovis, NM, which is Eastern NM. all of his friends where there and my mom, and we didn't really know how to act. it was fun because it was obvious that we both wanted to flirt with one another. but didn't want to be inappropriate.

i'm not too sure what's going on during these dreams, but i'm hoping for a good nights sleep tonight!


the emily said...

There is an Embarcadero Street in San Francisco, right down by the water, it runs by Fishermans Wharf and stuff, I wonder if that's where that part came from? Dreams are so weird.

Wonderer said...

interesting! I hope last night was more restful, though!

my first read through the twilight saga, I had very vivid dreams, too. twilight dreams, though, about what I'd been reading just before sleep. I'd wake up thinking about the characters, and couldn't wait to get back to reading.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just watch a funny sitcom or something to
switch the brain focus before you go to bed!