Thursday, November 26, 2009

lots and lots of food

my parents came into town for Thanksgiving. i have to say i really enjoy not traveling for the holiday. we had a huge dinner. my job was to cook all the sides! everything was super good, and for that i am thankful!
This is the prep
We had green bean casserole and cream corn casserole.
(the green beans did come out a little bit burnt {not has bad as it looks}. i have yet to master cooking multiple things at once.)

....followed by stuffing, wine, and potatoes au gratin.
Last but not least, a delicious Honey Baked Ham, and flaky bread rolls.
after dinner we went to go see "The Blind Side". fabulous movie. it's actually pretty comical. which was surprising. check it out.
then we had dessert.
Pumpkin Pecan Pie from a Grande Finale! DELISH!

overall my thanksgiving was ok. i have some family drama going on at the moment which added some stress, but overall i was thankful to have my parents to celebrate with, and i was really happy to use all of my pretty kitchenware that very rarely use!


fotobug said...

awesome job!

the pie looks so yummy :o)

the emily said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Looks like a really great day. Mmm, I wish I had brought leftovers from my mom's house.

reflections said...

it took me years to master multiple things cooking. The key, for me, is to do as much as I can the day before! I prep everything so that it can all go in the oven at once after the turkey (or ham). While the meat is 'resting' the sides cook :D

Wonderer said...

everything looks so yummy! :-)