Monday, November 30, 2009

they're up

yesterday i put up all of my Christmas decorations. while my parents were in town my mom bought me some decorations for the outside (you'll meet them soon) of my house, and so i put up the outside decorations on Friday.

this is my most favorite decoration. it is a knitted Santa door handle.
i stole it from my Mom's house when i moved to Denver.
that's a pic of me at probably 5 or 6.

i was seriously considering not putting up any of my decorations, just because i have so many and because the only person that sees them is me. it makes me a little bit sad that nobody gets to enjoy my holiday house.
but once i had some holiday cheer on the outside, i knew i would have to have some holiday cheer inside. and i'm glad that i did. it took yesterday afternoon and i just have to say i love my house at Christmas time.


fotobug said...

Looks warm and cosy in there!

fotobug said...

...and COZY too!!!

Wonderer said...

Oh, I love that nativity candle! and your tree looks great. I can't wait to see your outside decorations. :-)

the emily said...

It looks so pretty! I'm glad you put it up. There's nothing like coming home to a beautiful lit Christmas tree. I love it.

the emily said...

Oh. And who cares if you're the only person who sees it? You're the one that matters most. Do it to make yourself happy!

Nikki said...

I am glad you put up the decorations. I think it makes a huge difference for personal enjoyment. And your stuff is super cute and sentimental. I love it!!