Monday, April 26, 2010

question of the week:

emily recently posted about her intake of water, and it got me thinking.

what drink did you grow up on? know, the one drink that was always in your house growing up? for me it was diet coke. to this day my parents always have diet coke on hand.
but now that i'm all grown up all i drink is water. i will sometimes buy an occasional gatorade for when i'm sick, and sometimes orange juice, but other than that it is only water. i did go through an iced tea stage, but not anymore.

here's another question:
what do you prefer; a fountain drink, or a non-fountain drink?

growing up when my mother and i would go through the drive thru at fast food places, my mom never got the combo meals. she had no need to buy the drink included, because we always had the drinks at home. so it saved a little bit of money. because of that, i don't get the whole "fountain drink" thing. to me, when it comes from the fountain it doesn't taste any better, in fact i think it tastes worse. people who have to have their fountain drink are just wasting money in my opinion. granted it is only a dollar(or whatever), but such a waste.
and now for the most part when i do go to a drive thru i rarely get the drink. and if i do get the drink i get either bottled water or a shake.

and since we are on the subject:
what do you call coke? pop, soda, coke?

i call everything coke. i'm pretty sure this a regional thing. if i did drink coke, it would be pepsi. and on the rare occasion when i do crave a caffeinated drink it is pepsi, but not from the fountain!

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the emily said...

I call it soda. We weren't allowed to drink caffeine growing up so whenever I heard the term "coke" I assumed it meant actual coke, and I couldn't drink that. So, soda for me.

I prefer the fountain all the way. I actually do think it tastes better from the fountain. And I love the ice that makes it extra cold.

Again, growing up, no caffeine, so we were a sprite/rootbeer family all the way.

Anonymous said...

So of course I vote coke but have aclamated myself to generic and also try to drink more water.

Love MOM

Anonymous said...

April-This post is absolutely hilarious! As you know my husband and I love fountain drinks. Here is why: I grew up not having pop (yes, I say "pop") in the house ever and we never ate out. WHen I met Jason I we had dinner out a lot so I got used to fountain drinks. Plus he was used to fountain drinks because growing up they ate at McDonalds practically every day and always had happy meals which included the soda. So there you go!

I wish I were you and didn't care for pop at all!!! It's one of my downfalls for sure.

This post made me laugh and I will show it to Jason for sure!

Love you!

Wonderer said...

cute post!

growing up we rarely had coke (that's what I called it all, too, but now call it all soda, after living in different parts of the country) in the house, rarely got it when we went out, it just wasn't a big part of our diets. water or milk were the choices, once in awhile juice or iced tea.

sometimes I crave a fountain coke (original coca cola) with a wedge of lemon in it. yummy.

sarahlove said...

I call it coke. I even call pepsi, coke. Funny though, bc my dad was strictly a pepsi drinker (growing up) and he called it by it's proper name. Don't know why I do that.... odd! He cut pepsi out of his diet and lost 20 pounds... how crazy it that?! Proof that it's poison!!! I hardly ever drink carbonated drinks (like ginger ale) unless I am ill. Anywhere I go, I normally choose water.

Okay, I am done with my ramblings...