Sunday, April 4, 2010

an unexpedted guest

shaun and i at dinner
i think that everyone needs a friend like shaun. i won't even try to explain my friendship with him, except to say he just gets me. in many ways shaun and i grew up together...went to the same middle school and high school, but we didn't become friends until we were both 21. in many many ways we are exact opposites, in others we are exactly the same. in some instances years can pass and we can go back to where we once were, but i think it is safe to say neither one of us like being apart for any large amounts of time. ...although i feel the same way with all of my friends. when i lived in albuquerque shaun and i were what i call everyday friends. we hung out every single day. when we hang out now it's as if no time as passed.

one of the ways that shaun and i are opposites: he is not a planner. case in point, his last minute trip to denver this weekend. the purpose of his visit was to work on his new toy, a motorcycle that is at his cousin's house in castle rock. i was very thankful that he carved out some time to spend with me.
one way that we are alike: we enjoy quality time and quality conversation.

i picked up shaun from the airport friday afternoon and enjoyed some classic one on one time. one thing i immediately recognized about my time with shaun, is that i it is always filled with fun. telling stories, laughing, smiling. i realized how much i enjoy having someone with me in my car, sharing that space and talking. right now all of my time socializing with people is at work and at the gym. and to be honest it was nice to experience some talking out of those two elements of my life.

the other nice thing about shaun is that he's a guy. which means he's a fixer. he fixed my running toilet that i could temporarily fix, but he did the permanent fix. he told me how to fix the squeaky noise the door going out to my garage makes, and he fixed the "maintenance required" light on my car. ...what would have taken me forever to do, he got fixed in a few hours! thank you shaun!!!
50/50 60min


the emily said...

that is so nice! i love people like that.

why don't i remember him?

Anonymous said...

I am soooo thankful for Shaun and what he gives.

Love to hear your stories and the fixing up part especially because I'm not good at that stuff.

Bye the bye, you and Shaun look awesome and yes your face and boobs are thinner!!!

Love you, miss you, MOM

April said...

Emily - he was a grade below us, so he graduated in '99.

Nikki said...

fun! I am glad he was able to help you with some maintenance! Because I have no idea how to do that.

sarahlove said...

You look so great in red! :o)

Anonymous said...

Your top says it all.... You look amazing! ~ b