Friday, April 16, 2010

a night out on the town

saturday was a more relaxed day with nikki. we spent the morning doing some cardio at the gym then took our time getting ready. nikki had yet to see any of the twilight movies, so she started watching "twilight" while i got ready.
our first stop that afternoon was hammond's candy factory. it's exactly what you imagine an old classic candy factory would be. we took the free tour, and saw some workers make candy canes! all of the candy is made by hand, and it is a beautiful process! i'm not much of a hard candy type of gal, but i did try some of the english toffee, and it was delish!

that night we had dinner reservations downtown at marco's coal fired pizza. downtown had a huge buzz saturday night, with the rockies playing and the nuggets. we were downtown to go to a nuggets game, and while planning nikki's trip i realized it was a perfect time for sports lovers in denver. had we been big sports fans and had all the money to spend, we could have gone to a rockies game, a nuggets game, and an avalanche game all last weekend! we decided on the nuggets as they are having a really good season.
carmelo shoots and scores in a sea of spurs!

we capped off our night at the market to have some very yummy dessert!
spring fling cake and carrot cake outside on a cool denver night with nikki was perfect!

elliptical 45min


the emily said...

mmm, cake!

Nikki said...

It was delicious cake! I had such a blast!

Anonymous said...

And girl . . . you look good.
Hope this week will give you the uplift you need and so desearve.

Love MOM