Saturday, April 24, 2010

week 4: this just might work

i'm feeling optimistic. this week was a successful one. slowly i'm starting to think that i can do this, that this is working. that my body isn't playing a mind trick on me because it knows i paid all of this money to lose weight and it's just flattering me for a while. granted i'm still very new to this whole process but i still have a sense of shock over the whole thing.
i worked out so hard for such a long period of time and got minimal results, that to be honest i was sorta hoping something would be wrong with me. that for some medical reason i wasn't able to lose the weight. because surely i can't be eating that much crap to result in a 10 pound weight loss over a 6 month period. well truth be told, i was eating that much crap. but that crap is goooood! it is something i will always have to manage.
even now.
the weekends are the hardest. my weekends are spent alone, my weekends are the times i allowed myself to go out to eat. i'm trying to find a good combination of moderation so that i don't go crazy. i'll find out on monday if it worked. i truly believe that it is my workouts that help to balance everything when i do find myself cheating.
it feels so good to see the number on the scale reflect my work. in addition to getting some recognition for my work. i've had someone different everyday this week tell me i look great. i have to say that it means a lot, especially from people at the gym. because they are the ones who see me there, all the time. they may not know me, but to have them tell me i look good and that they see a difference is such a great feeling. granted this isn't the first time that something like this has happened, but for me it feels like the first time because i can see the difference too. i can see the difference physically and on the scale!
let the journey continue!
elliptical 35min
treadmill 16min


sarahlove said...

I am so glad that you are giving yourself a chance!

We can all learn from you.

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you and that yes you are figuring it out 'cause everyone is different.
You will find the right balance for you.
Can hardly wait to see you . . .
in less than two weeks.

Miss you -
Love, MOM

the emily said...

Hurray for you!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, April. I know its a tough journey and while you have had so many accomplishments to be proud of, the slow progress was painfully frustrating frustrating. You deserve this. I hope you enjoy each and every milestone and give yourself the credit that you deserve!! -Love ya much, Kari