Thursday, April 1, 2010

all kinds of crazy

this is the view from the 51st floor.
this is where all the VP's sit.
i've been filling in this week
for the bosses bosses admin.
i'm soooo
not a 51st floor type of girl.

but the water and ice up there
is sooo good.

i even have an automatic


happy 1st birthday to my
2nd cousin Joshua!


i have a huge fear of
large pieces of ice.


at my gym they can now call
the wednesday dance jam class
what it really is,

which the director of group fitness
still wants me to get certified in.


i have the blue picked out:
coventry blue.

but i can't figure out what brown i want:
zanzibar spice
delta sandbar?


i'm super ready for
spring to stay.


is my new favorite word.


did you visit topeka today?

STRIKE! 60min


Nikki said...

1. I wonder what a 51st girl is like
2. You so should get certified in Zumba, you would love to teach that, LOVE IT.
3. Those are such funny names for paint
4. I did visit topeka.
5. I love you

sarahlove said...

Zumba!!! I agree with Nikki... DO IT!!! :o)

the emily said...

oooh, automatic stapler! awesome.

we had a thundersnow storm last night, it was WILD. lightning, thunder, and crazy amounts of snow in the form of balls. it wasn't hail, it was ball-snow. wild. loved it.

Anonymous said...

The hospital I am working at is gonna start offering Zumba insure for employees... So excited! You should totally get certified.

p.s. I think you are a 1000 floor kinda girl... Out of this world!!! ~ b

Anonymous said...

My automatic stapler doesnot work any more:(

Yes, just DO IT>

And yes you will get use to being a 1000th floor person!!!!

What are those colors for?! Sounds awesome.

Love, MOM