Saturday, April 3, 2010

week 1: old habits are hard to break

it's no lie that this week was a struggle. and it's only week 1. this week i found my weakness. snacks. i love to snack. especially in the afternoons and when i'm preparing my dinner. thursday's are especially hard because my workout isn't until 6:15pm, which is late for me. the good news is that i see my weakness and i modify when i eat to help accommodate me and my needs. but that doesn't make it any easier. having to "check in" at least 3 days a week definitely motivates me and keeps me in check. but it seems like when you are craving something bad something blocks my head and all motivations go out the window. i'm super hard on myself and i need to take this process for what it is. a process. if this were easy, i wouldn't be in the situation to begin with, would i? i won't be perfect, and i need to accept that. that's where having someone to actually talk to comes in handy. i have a lot of people motivating me which feels great. for me failure is no longer an option.
today while on the elliptical i read this "we tend to put barriers between our goals and ourselves because we become convinced that we're either not up to the task of achieving them or we secretly don't believe we deserve them" ~ Alice Domar, Ph.D coauthor of Live a Little!
followed by this quote was a test to see: What's your goal roadblock? mine happen to be resistance to change. change is hard on many levels, but it's going to happen. either within my control or not. i'm just now learning that i'm the one who controls what is that i put in my mouth!
elliptical 45min
treadmill 20min


Nikki said...

Snacks are a tempting thing. And no need to be hard on yourself, I agree.

Love you, Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

You are so deserving, you are deserving, you are deserving.
Your work will pay off . . .
big pay off coming.
You are a smart one . . . you are figuring it out.
Keep up the good work. Excellent job - we are so very proud of you.
And thank you again for being my inspiration.

Happy Easter and I love you,