Saturday, January 22, 2011

who to thank?

my birthday was on wednesday. lots more on that later. on thursday i got this in the mail delivered to me via FedEx. i can only assume that it was sent to me as a birthday gift. the problem?
no clue who sent it to me!
it shows my information as both the shipper and the biller, but i'm not the one who bought it. it was purchased through amazon from another vendor. i contacted the vendor who was paid through amazon, and was told to contact amazon. i called amazon they say the person who sent this to me wishes to remain anonymous.
i've asked the few people that i thought might have sent it to me, and none of them have taken credit.
i have a couple of ideas...
the picture is of mt. mckinley, in denali national park, in alaska. which i saw with my family when i visited alaska in the summer of 2003. so the picture could have been sent to me from one of my family members on that trip. or it could have been sent to me from someone that knows the story behind my cat denali, and where her name comes from, which is that location in alaska.
i really want to know who sent it so that i can thank the person for this beautiful photograph!!!
so thank you to whomever sent this to my door, i love it!
treadmill 30min


Erin said...

Maybe it's symbolic, April. Since it's the tallest peak in North America, maybe it symbolizes that with all of your accomplishments, you could easily climb it one day!! Nothing is impossible, especially for you! That's what I'm thinking... xoxo

the emily said...

April that is SO cool! Your own secret admirer. I love that picture, what an awesome birthday gift.

sarahlove said...

Ohhhh I like Erin's thought process on this one!

What a wonderful gift. I like a good mystery!