Friday, December 31, 2010

Big Christmas recap

I was hoping to have another workout in before the new year, but no such luck. so much to write about. for now here are a whole bunch of pictures from my week in Albuquerque for Christmas.
all my desserts from Sarah's pink holiday party
4 glasses of wine with 8 girls = fun!
Christmas eve dinner
nikki and i
Christmas day dinner
cute little kitty
mom and i
yummy dessert, tiramisu
day after Christmas shopping
Nikki and I have fun inside banana republic
my attempt at a little get together:
nathan, me, dave, jen, and candance

all of us "ladies" had a lovely brunch at the st. james tea room. super fun, and quality time with all of my aunts and cousins.
aunt michelle, aunt kathy, kari, nikki, aunt patty, me, and mom
mom and i
nikki, me, and kari
all of that and i somehow forgot to add the pictures from our 5th annual girl cousin's dinner at the melting pot. i have a feeling i'll be doing a post again from my time at home.

obviously very busy, and lots of fun. this Christmas was nice because we had a lot more family time than what we normally do, and i truly loved every minute of it. lots of good food, and many memories!
cardio kickboxing 60min

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sarahlove said...

Love the picture of you and your mom!!

How was the tea room?? I've always wanted to go.