Tuesday, December 21, 2010

thursday and friday

so the problem with the slowing down of the workouts is that it is effecting my blog. because i'm obviously not posting as much, since the "rule" is to only blog when i workout. hopefully i'll get all caught up, eventually. and since i am behind, here are two nights in one post!

thursday december 16th.
last thursday my boss took all of us (her direct reports) out to the corner office for some drinks and appetizers. we left work early, and had a joyous time. i love my boss, and our group! they are such an amazing group to work with/for.
karen, me, julie, jerri, cathy, and anitra
julie, cathy, jerri, and i
what get together isn't complete without:
cotton candy!?

friday december 17th was ladies night at the ave's game. my friend annabelle works at the pepsi center, and got us these fabulous tickets! i love live sports, and i love that i've been able to go to so many events this year! this game was super entertaining. the avalanche won big: 6 - 5 in overtime!!!
annabelle, me, and denise
(april was there in spirit...she had mommy duty with a sick kiddo)
lots more to update about the weekend i had. the fact that i'm not working out as much, but still keeping so busy seriously makes me love my life! i once worked out and blogged as a filler, because i didn't have anything else better to do. almost like it was second choice to this life that i knew i wanted but didn't know how to get. now it is more a choice, something i want to do. because i now do have the life that i was seeking. it feels great knowing that i can have this life that i want and continue with the habits that i got along the way, like working out. if anything i feel like working out is a social thing for me now. going to the gym, seeing my friends. it is such a great feeling.
barbell strength 60min

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