Saturday, December 18, 2010

i did it!...again!

well well well.

not only have i achieved my overachiever goal of 247 workouts this year, i have actually over overachieved it, since i am currently at 248 workouts so far this year!!!

isn't that crazy!? i think it is. coming to the realization that i have this lifestyle of working out 5 times a week almost seems fake. like it isn't me. i think maybe because it'll eventually end? that one day i'll just stop going. and this habit will just go out the window. so i better enjoy it while i can. but that makes no sense. not really. i know that this is a habit that i'll keep, always. and i know that stopping isn't an option. but. i am slowing down. and i'm slowing down on purpose. because i've been thinking a lot about next year, and how in the world i'm going to keep my workout numbers going up. i mean eventually i'm going to run out of days. and days of rest are necessary.

for the next two weeks i will continue to slow down. i do plan to workout while i'm home for Christmas. but i'm not going to go crazy. knowing that i have achieved my goal, i feel like i have to leave room for improvement for next year. but i feel pretty damn good about reaching my goal!

ripped & shredded 60min


Wonderer said...


You definitely deserve a slow down for a bit! :-)

sarahlove said...

It's not crazy that you made your goal! IT'S crazy that you think it's crazy. ;) You are rockin' it and can't be stopped!

Anonymous said...

Not crazy...just awesome! - cant wait for you to get back to NM! -Kari

the emily said...

dude, you are amazing! congratulations on reaching your goal!