Friday, January 1, 2010

235 vs. 107

i am this person. i am this person who worked out two hundred and thirty five days this year! i almost can't believe it. my goal was 150, and i did that, plus 85 more. i am this person who makes her friends and family members who come and visit her go with her to the gym. i am this person who hasn't gone more than 7 days without working out - all year. i am this person who will run around her neighborhood because she doesn't have access to a gym. i am this person who drives home from the gym, changes and goes back to the gym because she didn't have workout clothes. i am this person who works out 4 days while home on christmas vacation. i am this person who worked out 128 more times compared to 2008. i am this person who has lost 33 pounds!

it feels so good. it feels good to know i have worked out consecutively for 1 whole year. that i have done that, that i did it all by myself. that i have created this pattern for the rest of my life. that when a couple of days have passed and i haven't gone to the gym, i think i have to get a work out in! that when i plan a vacation i plan my work outs.

but this is just the beginning. and here we are at the start of year two of this journey, because i am no where close where i need to be, but that i am closer than what i was this time last year. and that is what i have to grow upon. so where does that leave 2010? with new goals, new patterns, and with hopefully more pounds lost. i'm going to continue my 2009 resolution into this year, but with a few tweaks and upgrades. i'm going to continue with writing a blog for each work out, but at the end of each blog i'm going to document what my workout was so i can try and find patterns of what works and what doesn't. i'm also going to document how much weight i have lost when i weigh myself every 2 weeks, starting tomorrow.(depending on my schedule the weigh in will either be on a saturday or sunday.) i feel that having to put a number on my blog will definitely motivate me, and keep me more accountable. i have also started a food journal, where i write down what i eat everyday.

the numbers. i'm going to set two goals for 2010, because honestly i didn't think i would get to my goal of 150 for 2009 as easily as i did. and 235 is a lot. my first goal is going to be the realistic goal of 180 work outs in 2010. i don't know what this year will bring, so i feel that is a safe goal, and that's an average of 15 work outs every month. my second goal is going to be the over achiever goal of 247. this is the 235 plus 12. one additional workout each month. this might be hard for some months, but luckily september was a super slow month, and if i'm trending towards that goal, september will be a good month to play catch up on.

i think it is understatement if i say this hasn't been easy. but i'm going into this new year a lot more prepared, and with a plan b if i'm not seeing the results as quickly as i would like. which i will share with you, when/if i have to use plan b.

so to the handful of you who read my blog, thank you. thank you for joining me along this journey and for your support and kind words.
here's to a fabulous 2010!!!
45min. elliptical
legs & abs


the emily said...

good for you--way to super-exceed your goal. you're inspirational! good luck in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Yay April!!! *\0/* awesome job this year... So proud of you! I need some of your motivation to rub off on me! ~ b

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes and yes here's to a fabulous 2010!!!

You are our inspiration more than you know and your hard work is paying off! Not only in lost weight but self-esteem and self-assurance. More to come I can assure you. Believe.

Love and Prayers Mom

Wonderer said...

amazing. ridiculously amazing. you are so freakin' cool.

Nikki said...

Yay! I am so proud of you sweet cousin. You have worked so hard, and you have so much to show for it too! You're fabulous! Love you!