Sunday, January 10, 2010

the non-story/story

so i hesitate greatly about this post. but i take comfort in knowing not a lot people read what i write. i have started dating someone new. we'll call him M. we just had our second date. we meet on a dating website i'm on. and to share this story i'm going to go a little bit into my dating past.

way back when my parents first got the internet when i was 18/19, they got AOL. this opened my world to chat rooms and instant messaging (IM). to say i chatted with a lot of guys is probably an understatement. i chatted and met a lot (and i mean a l0t) of guys. of course these were very innocent meetings, and majority of them were just a one time meeting(remember this was the time before digital cameras, so all these guys had to go on when meeting me was the description that i provided them with). i would say i've dated a handful of guys from the online world, but in all honesty i would prefer to meet someone a "normal" way, and throughout the past few years that's what has happened. i've been on this dating site for years. literally. i probably joined 6 months after aaron and i broke up. and well, i'm picky. very picky. this is a free site, which is good. the years that i've been on it, M is the second guy i have met.

so now the story.
M and i met on tuesday. we started chatting etc... shortly after i got home from christmas. we met at old chicago, and agreed to meet outside at 6pm. i got there right at 6pm, and was outside standing in the cold waiting for him for 5 minutes, when i decided to go wait in my car. well, just as i was getting into my car, he pulled up. when the first initial meeting happened i immediately think to myself "he's not interested". i gave him a hard time about being late, and since he doesn't really know my since of humor i think he thought i was truly really mad. which created for a very rocky start of the date. we sat down and chatted. i did majority of the asking of the questions, which made me feel that again he isn't interested. he paid the bill automatically (which was nice) and shortly after we left. throughout the conversation he brought up his dog, and told me that his dog was inside of his truck. so i asked if i could meet his dog. we walk outside, i meet his dog, he then starts his truck. ...another signal that i take as his disinterest. i'm thinking "wow he can't wait for this date to be over." he walks me back to my car, we say good bye. he tells me "you should call me." i immediately think, why does he want me to call him? what is the point? so i say to him "no you call me." he repeats himself "you should call me." i ask him "do you want me to call you??" he says yes. so i think, ok i'll call him, leave him a message and i'll never hear from him again. then he says something way out of left field. he says "so do i get a kiss?" this is bizarre, because nothing that he has done as made me think he would want a kiss. so i ask him "do you want a kiss?" he says yes. so we have a short, sweet, kiss. it was very nice, and very unexpected. he tells me he hopes to hear from me, and we say good bye.
5 minutes on into my drive home, he calls me. he calls me. which makes me giddy. we have a short conversation, with him telling me he wasn't as nervous has he thought he would be and that he had a good time. so now i'm starting to think, maybe he does like me. about 30 minutes later he sends me a text that says "can i just say i'm super attracted to you your so cute". which of course bursts my confidence a little bit. and considering i thought i would be contacting him the next time we would talk/text and now he has already contacted me twice.
later that night he texts me again. we text back and forth, he ends up calling me again, and shortly afterwards we say good night. at this point in time, i'm thinking wow he must like me.
the rest of the week we stayed in touch, but there was never a conversation of us seeing each other again. so i was getting a little bit frustrated, because i was thinking what is the point in all of this if we aren't going to have a second date?
well the second date was this afternoon. it was nice because we were immediately more comfortable with each other. and had a much better conversation. he says he wants to see me again, and we have tentative plans for later this week. this could end up being a non-story, because nothing else could happen. so i don't know. i did however want to document the events thus far.
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the emily said...

I do NOT get boys. All those initial weird signals? I just don't get it. Do you like him?

Nikki said...

interesting. Dates can get very awkward, for sure. I'll be interested to hear how this goes. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. it will be interesting to see how he does this week. Keep us in the loop, maybe together we can decipher this guy. ;) ~ b

Anonymous said...

love you Mom