Friday, January 8, 2010

the re-read

ok so i realize the covers aren't in order. but that's ok.

so back in november i decided to re-read the twilight saga by stephenie meyer in preparation for the movie of "new moon". prior to this, i had never read a book twice. and now i've read four book two times. and can i say, the saga is so much better the second time around. i truly thought about making notes so i could give a summary that would be worth while for each book. but i didn't.
and i don't really have much to say except that i did enjoy it a lot more reading the books a second time. my favorite book is definitely "eclipse". the most recent book that i've read that made me cry for the first time was "same kind of different as me". and i think it is such a different emotion when you cry from reading a book. when i cried during my re-read of "eclipse" i felt like i could feel jacob's pain. jacob's hurt.
i truly can't wait for the release of "eclipse" in a short 5 months!!! because the film version of "new moon" was so much better than the film version of "twilight" i have high expectations that "eclipse" will be even better. i hope i don't get let down.
that brings me to "breaking dawn". this one dragged for me at the end. it was tuff to get through, one of the reason's being is in the middle of it i was home for a week, and didn't read it everyday like i had the previous 3. i hope that "breaking dawn" is made into a movie. i think it would only be complete. but at the same time, i question how that will be done? how will they create the characters in "breaking dawn". how will they fit all of that in one film? i've read that stephenie has the same concerns. i've read that "breaking dawn" will be made into 2 movies. and i think, how will that work?
i can't decide if i'll re-read it again. i suppose time will tell. for now i can definitely tell you i'm done with vampires for a while.
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the emily said...

I've read the first 3 books about 10 times and the 4th one only twice. That book is PAINFUL for me. It just drags and drags. It's like there was zero editing, they just let her go on and on about inconsequential things, and a good editor should not have done that. I think they could easily make it into a movie (length-wise) by cutting out all the unimportant drivel and just showing the important parts. Renesmee would be hard to have in a movie, but I thought Gollum was amazing in Lord of the Rings, so they could do a CGI Renesmee for sure.

Nikki said...

The only books I've read that much (well actually listened to) are the Harry Potter books, and I cry all the time during those books. But I don't know if that is a reflection of the books or a reflection of me. I get a little sentimental sometimes. I am on the last HP book for the 4th time, and I still cry. I love when a book can draw you in like that.

I too don't know how they'll put Breaking Dawn into a movie. I bet they'll try, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, we will see if you are done with vampires but you did say for a while :)

I did start The Shack into it a few chapters and like it. Will keep you posted.

Love MOM