Friday, January 22, 2010

details and pictures

savannah was a blast. we had a great time. all of my friends know of one another, but have never really spent a lot of time with each other. one of the things i was looking forward most to in savannah, was seeing my 3 best girl friends click, and become friends. it was a great sight to see. plus i got them all to myself! as an only child, i truly enjoyed that part as well. i've been on girls trips before and usually by the end there is a little bit of tension. and for me that didn't happen on this trip. we all got along. and i knew that we would. all of us are open, honest, no drama type of gals. we are all easy, and just want to have fun. and that is what we had. actually we had a blast. truly a trip of a lifetime for me.
the savannah airport to pick up michelle and kari
this is probably my favoritest picture of this trip.
our hotel was dark and beautiful, and had grand chandeliers all over.
me, tina, kari, and michelle
dinner night 1
the company was number 1 for me on this trip. number 2 was definitely the food. oh the food. southern food. wow! in new mexico you get chips and salsa with everything, in savannah you get fresh warm biscuits served with butter and apricot jam. the apricot jam was a great touch. i'm one to believe that when someone passes away they give you signs to let you know that they are there with you. the apricot jam for me was my grandpa egan, who i was extremely close to growing up. he had this awesome house in santa fe, nm and had a huge backyard with lots and lots of apricot trees. when us grand kids would visit, he would pay us 25cents for every bag we filled of apricots. the main thing grandpa egan made with these apricots was jam. when the waiter put the apricot jam on our table i immediately turned to my cousin kari and said "grandpa egan is here with us" and got a little teary eyed.
this restaurant is beautiful. it's in what used to be an old bank. very cool!
tina, me, michelle, and kari

michelle, me, kari, and tina
the festivities for our first night in savannah was a haunted pub crawl. savannah is a very very haunted city, and i thought this would be fun. we went on one of the cheaper tours, and the stories weren't really all that scary, but it was so super fun.
i don't have pictures of the 2 other bars we went to, but the second one had this drink that was a long island sweet tea, and i swear you couldn't take the alcohol in it at all. the third bar was a martini bar. i had a white elephant, which was like a chai tea! yummy! michelle got a reese's peanut butter martini, again so yummy!
after the pub crawl we went up to the roof of our hotel, where there was a fun bar and the drinks continued!
michelle, kari, me, and tina
our hotel had cool artwork everywhere. this was on the ceiling of the hall way leading to our room. it's kinda like a shadow box. so pretty and different.
savannah day 2 was spa day! which was perfect because it rained all day on saturday. the spa was so beautiful, and located in our hotels sister hotel.
michelle, kari, and i
we were treated to champagne!
michelle, me, tina, and kari
dinner night 2 was my "birthday dinner" and elizabeth's on 37th
this dinner was amazing. that's all i'm gonna say.
michelle, me, tina, and kair
savannah day 3 was walking around. we walked all around river street, lots of shops, and beautiful sights.
the waving girl
river street
making taffy!
michelle, tina, me, and kari on river street

tina, kari, me, and michelle

the historic district

savannah dinner #3
michelle, tina, kari, and i

the hotel

this trip came together exactly how i pictured it in my head. i am so blessed to have such good friends travel such a long way to spend this time with me. they took time away from there families, work, and normal everyday lives to experience this with me. what made it even more special, was for all of us this was our very first trip to savannah. we laughed, told stories, ate great, new, and interesting food.

below is the final agenda i sent out to the girls, just so i can have to look back upon:

Savannah Weekend

Friday January 15th

· Dinner @ 6pm the Pink House

o 912-232-4286 – 23 Abercorn St

· Ghost tour @ 8pm Haunted Pub Crawl $10 (

o 912-604-3007 – Departs from Moon River Brewing Co 21 W Bay St

· Drinks on the Roof

Saturday January 16th

· Breakfast @ Goose Feathers Café/ or hotel restaurant

· Poseidon Spa 10am – 1:30ish pm

o 912-721-5004 – 700 Drayton St

· Lunch – someplace easy for a snack.

o I couldn’t really find a place near the hotel we’ll be at, except for the 700 Drayton which is inside the hotel. The prices are kinda high, but I figure we won’t want to eat too much (but I think we’ll be hungry) so maybe we can share a couple of entrée’s between the 4 of us.

· Birthday dinner @ 7pm Elizabeth’s on 37th (

o 912-236-5547, 105 E 37th St

· Birthday outing to Jazz’d Tapas Bar (

o 912-236-7777 – 52 Barnard St

Sunday January 17th

· Workout

· Brunch @ 11:30am B. Matthews Eatery (

o 912-233-1319 – 325 E Bay St

· Shop/walk along River Street

· Trolley tour?

· Dinner along River Street

Monday January 18th

· Go home

45min elliptical


10min treadmill


Nikki said...

Great pictures, April. I am glad you had a wonderful trip. I wouldn't mind having biscuits and jam at every meal :).

Glad your birthday was special.

the emily said...

April, it looks amazing! I would never think to visit Georgia--I've been there once but not to Savannah--but you may have changed my mind. What fun! And what good friends to spend the time and money to come with you. Amazing. Happy 30th!

Wonderer said...

what an amazing trip!!! I'm so glad you got to do that! :-)

fotobug said...

LOVE the shot with you and your girlfriends on the couch!!