Sunday, January 31, 2010

"the lovely bones"

book and movie review
the lovely bones
book written by alice sebold
movie directed by peter jackson

i'm kinda tired of being disappointed in movies. besides "up in the air" the last few movies i've decided to spend the money on at a movie theater have been not so good. with that said, i didn't enjoy the movie "the lovely bones". i suppose one of the challenges when you create a book into a movie, and you've read that book you have your own interpretation of it. as does the director/producer of the movie. the movie took out a lot of what i believe were pivotal points in the book, and they were nowhere to be seen in the movie.
this was the second time i've read the lovely bones. i read for the first time the summer of 2003. the book is very adult. and the movie not so much. it is story of a 14 year old girl who is murdered by a man in her neighborhood, and is never caught for this act of violence. the story shows how her family and friends are impacted by her death, and her view of what is her heaven. the book has so many characters and relationships that are built, that aren't even introduced in the movie. the book is very imaginative and creative, and i honestly couldn't wait for the movie to end. i do wonder how i would feel about this movie had i not read the book. and i really don't think i would have liked it, because of the lack of depth in the relationships in the movie.
i'm pretty sure i'll be giving up on movies for awhile. with love month starting tomorrow and all of the romantic comedies coming out, i think it'll be awhile before i decide to go to the movies again.
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the emily said...

I have ZERO desire to see that movie. Maybe it's because I'm a parent and it's about a child being killed? I just don't think I could bear it. And now I for sure won't. Thanks for the tip.

Nikki said...

I am with you, I like books more than movies, but then again, I can barely finish a book. Thanks for the summary, I think this topic may be too hard for me to take.

Anonymous said...

I read the book and never could figure out what all the hype was about. The concept was good, but the book itself isn't that great. And I don't even want to see the movie just because by all accounts it was very poorly done.