Saturday, January 2, 2010

decade in review

so i stole this idea from emily. i'm not going to list all of the negative things, so if you want to read it go see it on her blog. rather i'll just point out my positives from the past 10 years.

  • went on my first vacation without my parents to Disneyworld for 1 whole week with my friend Kristin
  • working full time at Victoria's Secret Catalogue 4:30pm to 1am and going to UNM full time
  • working at Victoria's Secret Catalogue
  • turned 21
  • started hanging out with Shaun
  • 9/11
  • stopped going to school
  • quit Victoria's Secret Catalogue in may
  • moved to denver in july
  • starting work at Safeway Select Bank in july
  • got laid off in november
  • started working at Finlay as an assistant manager at the fine jewelry counter in Foley's
  • went on a 2 week summer vacation to alaska
  • quit Finlay in september
  • started working at qwest in october
  • met aaron 1/6/04
  • started my first real relationship with aaron 2/3/04
  • fell in love with aaron
  • still working at qwest
  • went to like 500 weddings, well not really only 4 but it seemed like 500
  • aaron and i broke up on thanksgiving - my first real heart break
  • went through a horrible depression
  • still work at qwest
  • got my third tattoo
  • bought a house
  • still work at qwest
  • bought a new car
  • still work at qwest
  • became an area rep for the union
  • got a new job within qwest
  • still work at qwest
  • got lasik
nothing too exciting there at the end of the 00's. hopefully the 10's will be better.
0 lbs lost
water hydro class 60 min


the emily said...

sounds like a great decade to me!

Anonymous said...

Lots of growth!

I pray 2010 will be full of wonderfulness!!

Love, Mom