Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the why?

so emily asked "why georiga"? and well there will be many many posts coming soon all about my birthday/girls trip weekend. i do want to document the why, and all the details involved.

long story short: i wanted to go someplace i've never been before, and someplace warm.

long story long: i really enjoy birthdays. and i believe that as you get older it is your responsibility as an adult to make your special day special, if you so chose. and who doesn't want there day to be special? i knew i wanted my 30th to be special, and i knew that if it were to be special it would be because of my doing. so a year and a half ago i started planning this day. i am a planner. i plan things way in advance so that they go how i want them to go. ...i'm also a little bit controlling :). the first vision in my head about this weekend was to go someplace grand. invite all of my friends and their families and create a perfect getaway weekend for everyone, and bring everyone together for my special "birthday dinner". i envisioned sending an email out to everyone i knew and inviting them. the original destination? turks and caicos, or someplace in the Caribbean, someplace warm and tropical. as i started to look more closely into this destination and the reality of it, i found it wasn't realistic. so i scaled back. decided on my 3 closest and best girl friends. next was deciding the where. i truly wanted to go to someplace i had never been. but i have been to all the places that would be considered warm in the middle of January. i thought of someplace different in California, Las Vegas, someplace different in Florida, or even Texas. but all of those are places i've been. so then i started to look into places in the middle of colorado and new mexico, and florida. ...where all of us traveled from. i looked into memphis, but it snows there in january, and some others. so while i was in florida in may visiting tina she suggested savannah, ga. one night tina and i spent many hours looking into savannah and everything it has to offer. it was instantly a winner because 1. i had never been to georgia, and 2. although it isn't super warm, it is warmer.
in august the true planning was in full effect. this was when i first sent the email to michelle, tina, and kari inviting them on this special weekend. we discussed dates, cost, etc...
needless to say a lot of work went into this trip. and i'm sad that it is already over. but the memories i will keep with me forever.
40min brisk walk


the emily said...

you're so smart! i have had some disappointing birthdays/holidays, but it's always because my expectations were placed on someone else to make it good for me. when you plan it all yourself, you can only be disappointed in yourself if it doesn't go to plan and then there are no fights. genius. can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

I was wonderings why Savanah too, but since I have lived here in Charlotte all I hear is how awesome it is. I am excited to hear all about it and so happy you made your birthday such a cool and memorable event... As it should be!!! ~ b

fotobug said...

YOU set goals and you make them happen..... you should be so proud!!!! YOUR pretty much amazing.


Anonymous said...


April you are so awesome and I am so happy that your 30th was so successful.

Love MOM

Nikki said...

That is really cool, April. I can't wait to get more stories about the trip!!!

Wonderer said...

so cool! can't wait for more stories. :-)