Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 prediction


The major astrological event for you in 2010 is the movement of lucky and optimistic Jupiter, your traditional planetary ruler your Sun sign. Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Zodiac and so this represents the beginning of a major new 12 year cycle of personal growth and development for you. With Jupiter in your Sun sign, you may gain a sense of freedom and release now. Therefore if certain aspects of your life are not quite working out as you think they should, this may be the time to move on, let go of the past and explore pastures new. You're also likely to feel and appear increasingly more confident and self-assured and therefore you will be able to present a more positive self-image of yourself to the world.

so this was my result from a quiz i took on facebook. i figured it was worthy of a blog post, because i like what it has to say. i've worked hard for this fresh start. and although i don't necessary believe in predictions and tarot cards, etc... one of my goals for my blog this year is to keep things positive. and this is positive. it can't hurt!
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Nikki said...

Positivity is a good way to start off the year. I need a little of that too. I think I'll join you in a positive view point. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Positive is always good. And I think you are more confident and self-assured. You have always been a positive force to the world.
And especially in mine.
Love you for that and appreciative of you. Thank you.


fotobug said...

Awe.... love your moms comment. :o)

When I saw you, you definitely seemed confidant! And I sure did appreciate your positive vibes!!

Anonymous said...

I truly believe in what you send out is what comes back to you. Keep the positive coming! Love ya! ~b