Sunday, January 3, 2010

"up in the air"

yesterday i went to go see up in the air. my friend michelle recommended this movie to me. prior to her telling me about it i had never really even heard of it, and i'm not too much of a george clooney fan, but i decided to check it out.
this was a great movie. it is a great "life" movie and relates to what is going on in current day america. i myself believe that everything in life has a happy medium. with a good balance nothing is bad, but too much of something can be bad. and this movie represents one of those extremes.
it's about a man (george clooney) who travels 300+ days out of the year firing people and giving motivational speeches. he keeps himself very detached from life and relationships. his working life then changes when a 23 year old young woman comes in with a different way of working. he challenges this "girl" to live his life of traveling and showing that his type of work needs be done in person.
i would highly recommend this movie. it makes you appreciate what you have, and at the same time look for more value in your life. check it out.
STRIKE! 60 min


the emily said...

i've heard it's pretty good, and i LOVE george clooney. too bad all of his movies are rated r these days.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing this movie, on the recommendations.
I do appreciate what I have!

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

P.S. What a wonderful blog. So enjoyed all of it including all your pictures.