Saturday, January 30, 2010

another round

i realize that their are only 5 girls left, so it seems kinda lame to make a prediction for who will be the last 3 standing, but i figured, why not? abc is at it again with another round of the bachelor. my top pick for jake is ali. although at this point in time i'm pretty positive that whomever he picks, won't turn into a long lasting relationship, let alone marriage. i'm not too sure why i feel that way i just do. well actually i do know why i feel that way. because he was so quick to eliminate so many girls last week. that he knew just weren't "his wife". this show is about opportunity, and in my opinion getting rid of those last two girls at the end of the rose ceremony was throwing away an opportunity. maybe neither of those girls were meant to be, but that doesn't mean he couldn't learn something from either of them. and if he isn't open to that, this whole process is really just a waste for him.
vienna is last season's wes. jake needs to make his own conclusion about him, just like jillian had to find out herself that wes was up to no good. but like the rest of america i'm ready for her to leave.

corrie. corrie is funny. this is why i like her. she's just now starting to become a top runner in the show. and i hope jake gets to know her.
tenley. i think jake likes the innocence that tenley has, even though she has baggage. i'm pretty sure she has some issues to deal with, and her high pitched voice freaks me out a little. i'm thinking she'll be the 2nd woman standing, and i just hope that she isn't the next "bachelorette".
ali. she's my favorite. i hope she gets the ring. she's beautiful and seems the most genuine. and she had that instant connection with jake from the start.
here's to a happy ending that we all want in life!
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Anonymous said...

I just can't get into these shows anymore... I always end up mad at the outcome... ~ b

Nikki said...

I haven't seen the bachelor, but I know I would love it if I did watch it. I have another friend who blogs about the bachelor, it's fun to read what you two have to say about it.

the emily said...

I liked Ali at first, but I cannot STAND her anymore. She needs to just RELAX about Vienna. The two girls that complained about Vienna got sent home this week--that should give her a clue to just leave it alone. Let Jake make his own choice and STOP FREAKING OUT. She's making a mountain out of a molehill.