Monday, December 27, 2010

pink holiday party take 1

lets talks about fun! i arrived in albuquerque thursday night just in time (although i was fashionably late...sorry Sarah!) to make it my friend Sarah's holiday pink christmas party. over the past few years sarah and i have grown into close friends through staying in touch and our blogs. she has truly become a great, true friend. this party was lots of fun surrounded by her dear friends, great desserts, and lots of everything pink! ...sarah's favorite color of course! i have more to share about this party, that i'll do in another post. for now enjoy sarah's beautiful documentation of this super fabulous night!

sarah and i

sarah, emily, sara, erlinda, cece, sara, me, and yadeeh

lots of of course...

pretty of course...

so pink!

and sarah's dog pearl
lots of treasured memories were created on this night, and i think we all walked away with our lives changed...even if just a little bit. sarah is the pure description of beauty and what beautiful is! she was a gracious host, with every little detail thought out and planned. thank you sarah!, all if it was very much so appreciated and noticed!!!
step 60min


the emily said...

So fantastic. There's nothing more fun than a well-executed, beautiful party. Love it.

Wonderer said...

oh, that looks like it was a great party! and I LOVE Pearl and her snowflakes!

sarahlove said...

SO happy you could make it and help make the decision of a family in need. Thank you again!!!! Hugs!