Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a little bit of everything

my weekend was a long one. let me tell you about it.

it started friday night, going out and celebrating D's birthday! we met downtown had a casual dinner, followed by The Blue Man Group. these guys are seriously entertaining! so much fun. i wish we had better seats, but i think D enjoyed it just as much as i did.
a blue man
saturday morning i flew to albuquerque for two funerals. to mourn and celebrate my close family friend mary, and my uncle billy. the services were back to back, so my family and i were at the funeral home for about 4 hours. talk about emotionally draining. it is something i don't recommend to anyone. it was great to see family of course, but such a sad situation all around.
this is a collage my cousin kari made
i love this picture of my grandpa egan and uncle billy
a lot of family members got up and spoke about my uncle billy. myself included. sharing stories, reminiscing, feeling blessed that he is up with his parents and brother to watch over all of us.

afterwards we all headed over to my aunt patty's for some food. no egan get together is complete until food is involved. with lots of food, i got some good quality time in with family.
kari, me, and cheryl
the evening concluded at my cousin kari's house. we played with her 2 new kitty's!, and chatted the night away, ended by the viewing of "eclipse" ...which i unfortunately fell asleep during.
aidan and i, holding vanessa
sunday was spent with friends. i had breakfast with my friend shaun, followed by lunch with my friend michelle. then some errands and time with mom. ended by dinner with sarah!
sarah and i
monday we drove up to santa fe to welcome uncle billy to his final resting place. i've always loved santa fe and have so many memories there and visiting my grandpa egan. the military service was short and sweet, and tears overflowing.
Rest In Peace Uncle Billy

then we went to my grandparents grave site. seeing the grave site i get so sad that i never met my grandma egan, but i know that i have her with me.
the whole weekend was filled with so much emotion. i've come to the realization that the grieving process is completely different when the loved one who passed away is in another state. you feel so removed from anything because you aren't physically there. i slept horribly both thursday and friday night because i knew i had so much emotional baggage i needed to get rid of, plus the anticipation of knowing i was going to be able to let myself go when i saw my family.
zumba 60min


the emily said...

Sounds like a full weekend. I love spending time with family, even under these sad circumstances. I'm so sorry for your losses.

Will you be in ABQ this weekend? Dave and I are heading down Friday, he has a job interview!

Nikki said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures. It looks like it was so beautiful and honoring of both Bill and Mary.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you this weekend, despite the somber circumstances. Can you get me copies of the pix you took at the Veteran's Cemetary? They came out very nice. Thank ya. Love ya. -Kari

sarahlove said...

It was wonderful to see you April, despite the circumstances. Thanks for trying the vegetarian chili! :o)

Pearl loved you!!!