Wednesday, December 15, 2010

being healthy

Last Tuesday night was a huge shock to me. I had a moment of complete numbness. I literally gasped, put my hand over my mouth and just cried. I had looked forward to spending another Christmas with my Uncle Billy, and coming to the realization that he wasn’t going to be there, isn’t easy to come to terms with. In fact, I’m still not there.

Once I got off the phone with my mom and was sitting by myself I said out loud:

“I am saving my life.”

At that exact moment I truly saw the bigger picture. Realizing that I have literally put back years onto my life. That I am choosing to live. To be alive. I’ve known for many many years that my family doesn’t have the healthiest of genes. That I’m most likely to get heart disease or diabetes when I am older. And that isn’t even touching on the obesity. The fat. Being overweight. It’s just what I was born with. I know that this healthy lifestyle I have created for myself has if anything made my insides healthier. And for me, that’s really the only thing that matters. My heart, my lungs, my muscles have room to breathe. Yes, I look better, and yes that does make me feel better about myself. But now I’ll be around that much longer to enjoy this life. This life that we are all given, and have the power to do whatever it is that we want with it. Every day we are given that power, that choice. Does that make every single day a struggle? Absolutely. Does that make it worth it, absolutely!!!

My friend Sarah has this quote that I love, read it and let it sink in a little bit.

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

Such a true statement. The honest answer of course being, six feet under. I feel good and proud knowing that I am taking care of my “house” that I’m making my body a healthy place for my organs, so that I can be around as long as possible.

I know it isn’t easy. But I challenge you. To make a positive choice for yourself every day. To take care of you. Get your heart rate up, eat something colorful. Simple choices that are so important.

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the emily said...

It's a harder choice to make than I would have thought. I'm so glad you've made if only I could!

Sex, race, & merit said...

I agree with Emily-it is a lot harder than it seems! I am so proud of you and look to you as inspiration.

Anonymous said...

You should be the Gillian Michaels of the family, April! I think this may be one of your many callings!! Great post! -Kari

sarahlove said...

You are saving your life! SO glad to know that you know that!!!! Life isn't always in our control but you can now see that you have control over much more than you previously thought! Keep on shining and living your life! You are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

April, thank you for your most powerful words. And thank you for the challenge because you are so very inspiring.
I will take you up on your words of wisdom and will eat colorful foods every single day.
I commit.

Love you so much and look forward every day to your powerful words of wisdom. How blessed we are to have you apart of our lives.
See you soon, MOM

Wonderer said...

Beautiful post! I will work on your challenge. :-)