Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fun in the snow!

this past weekend i experienced my own little winter wonderland in Breckenridge, CO! i had never been to a ski town in the winter time. it was me plus 16 of my closest friends, and their kids...15 in total, all under the age of 7! we stayed the night in a 4 story condo with lots of bedrooms, 2 living areas, 2 kitchens, 1 hot tub, made for one very memorable night!
the town was beautiful
exactly what you would think a winter wonderland would be
michelle flew in from ABQ to be my "date"
bestest friends
aidan and i ~ isn't he the cutest!?
one of the main reason's for the trip was to attend the Breckenridge Ice Sculpture Festival. april and bobby have gone for the past few years, and have made their own little family tradition. this year it was april's fabulous idea to invite all of her friends along and make it an overnight event!
all of the ice sculptures were amazing
pictures do not do them justice

after walking around the ice sculptures we headed to a hill for some classic sledding with the kiddos.
i myself was too chicken to take a ride on the sled.
but everyone else had a blast!
all of the kiddos minus one that was taking a turn down the hill
zack, kaison, khyler, olivia, bella, brooklyn, lexi, lilly, aidan, hunter, grace
max, teegan, avery (not pictured addison)
the condo was perfect for all of us. so beautiful. it was a mix of organized chaos! feeding 15 kids was just an adventure by itself.
the living area
michelle, myhisha, me, denise, justine, brandi, and christina
then we played texas hold 'em with gummy bears as our playing chips!
bobby, me, charlie
me, michelle, chrisitna, denise, myhisha, annabelle
kortny and i
christina and i on the dance floor - what was the kitchen area!
me, denise, justine, and brandi
annabelle and i
here's who was there:
michelle and i
april and bobby - zack and aidan
annabelle and daniel - addison and teegan
christina and luke - grace and max
brandi and kevin - hunter, avery, and brooklyn
justine and charlie - olivia and bella
kortny and steven - kaison and khyler
denise - lexi and lilly
antonio and myhisha

we left early saturday morning. michelle and i drove up with april and bobby. we did hit the snow traffic heading up and what is normally a 1.5 hour drive took 3 hours. once arrived in town we had lunch. april did all the planning and organizing. she designated a dinner crew for saturday night and a breakfast crew for sunday morning. we had so much food! ...and drink. oh the drink. i told myself i wouldn't drink that much because i drank so much last friday celebrating my birthday, but with the atmosphere and fun of friends, i ended up drinking a lot. which you know, is ok. i had so much fun! playing games, dancing around, taking a dip in the hot tub, talking with the kiddos. it was great to be surrounded by such good quality people. even better was the weather. the sun was out, temps were in the high 30's, and no wind! just about perfect. sunday morning we had breakfast and were on the road by 9:30am. thankfully the ride home was a lot easier than the ride up. we made it back into denver in 1 hour! once michelle and i got home we got some food then took a nice long nap. we had dinner at jill's, and overall it was a great weekend. it was fabulous to see michelle and have our own little adventure, plus she got to meet a lot of my friends!
everything perfect.
cardio kickboxing 60min


tcortc said...

Well if I wasn't prego id take ya skiing. But id go easy on ya first ... u can ski with Sammy :)

the emily said...

That looks like SO much fun! I love those sculptures, that must have been amazing in person. I can't believe you pulled off having that many people under one roof--especially all those kids. It must have been insane!

Anonymous said...

The sculptures are amazing. I can only imagine what they look like in person! -Kari

Anonymous said...

We are envious. I think I saw Otis!!!

Love ya MOM

sarahlove said...

First of all, HI MYHISHA!!!! SO neat to see her on your blog! YAY!!

Second of all, why were you afraid to go sledding? April. Come on!! You can do anything!!! The minute you got down the hill you would've wanted to go again. ;)

Last of all, what a great idea to join together and hang out. Thanks for sharing the pics of the sculptures!! That is so cool!

Rachel said...

what a fun weekend!

lake geneva has a snow sculpting contest every february, I loved watching the sculptures take shape as they were being made. :-)