Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Places I've Been: RI

No big story here, as I write about my trips to Rhode Island every summer I take them.

One of the coolest things about Rhode Island, is the fact that it is indeed the smallest state. Because of that everything is so close! Connecticut is only a 30 minute drive, and Boston is only an hour away. You can literally walk to the next town. In general I think that is one thing I like about Rhode Island, and the New England states in general. Example if you think of the drive from Denver to Albuquerque 450 miles, and 2 states. If you were to drive out of RI for 450 miles and go south you would end up in Virginia and cross 7 states.

I have very vague memories of my early trips to RI. …well technically my first trip was when my mom was pregnant with me. But I don’t remember that. I was 5 or 6, and it was the summer time. I remember a trip to the beach, and jumping the waves in the ocean. So much fun! I remember this memory mainly because we (my parents) have pictures of said trip.

Another fond memory I have when I think of my summer trips to RI, is traveling by myself for the first time without adult supervision. Who knows how old we were, but for a few summers my cousins and I would fly to RI all by ourselves. Greg, Nikki, and I would fly to RI, and the first night was always the night to go get ice cream! I remember on one of the first nights we went to get ice cream, and I got my first ever banana split.

My memories of RI are endless, and I look forward to creating more memories with my family members that live there.

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sarahlove said...

'…well technically my first trip was when my mom was pregnant with me. But I don’t remember that.' You crack me up!!!

Mike said...

What a lovely write-up, April!

As a RI-native myself, it's great to see the perspective of an "outsider". =)

-Mike Richard, Editor