Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my first superbowl party!

i've always enjoyed the superbowl. most of the time the game is pretty entertaining, and the commercials are actually worth watching and funny. because of my new group of friends, this year i had a superbowl party to go to!
justine and charlie hosted as they have such a spacious house, and their own home theater to watch the game!
thank you justine and charlie for hosting yet another fun filled event!
steven, charlie, olivia, jerry, and bobby
for majority of the game the ladies stayed upstairs and chatted.
becca, christina, justine, april, diane, annabelle, and kortny
jerry and bobby
bobby and i
my HS friend Jill came along with me to the party, and she fit right into the group! she's a big football fan and her team is green bay so we hung out with the guys in the theater room watching the game. i myself was rooting for green bay since they were the underdogs going into the game! so having them win was just a perfect cherry topping to the evening.

i love hanging out with this group! last weekend while we were all in breckenridge, i was having a conversation with myself in my head about how we had nothing planned for the following weekend. and i found myself wondering when we were all going to hangout again. thinking about not knowing when that would happen made me a little bit sad. but then this little superbowl shindig came about and we were all hanging out again for the third weekend in a row! i'm not too sure when the next gathering will be, but i do hope it is soon!
cardio kickboxing 60min


the emily said...

That is a SWEET setup! What a fun place to watch the game. And fun that Jill came too!

Anonymous said...

Emily took the words right out of my mouth...sweet media room! Those chairs look pretty inviting!! Love how all the gals hung out upstairs. And its great to see you venturing out and being able to take part in things like Weekend trips to Breckenridge and Superbowl parties with a great group of people. You are blessed to have each other! Good things come to those who wait... and I'd say your patience is paying off! -Love Kari

Nikki said...

I love it! I am glad you had a great time. It's great to read about all the fun you are having!