Thursday, February 17, 2011

~all kinds of crazy~

this plate has a
copyright on it of
i grew up with it.
it got a crack in it this week.
sad day.


i got a box of
godiva chocolates
with my victoria's secret
i've eaten all of them,
except one.


i have a huge
of falling
down my


the 122x bus
is always more packed
than the
120x bus.


my parents celebrated
their 36th Wedding Anniversary
on tuesday.
they got a huge
from here!


i really need
to do
some major


i love the new
britney spears


so what is the difference between:
record of the year?
album of the year?


i've been at 1801
all week, covering
two VP's.
it's been a bit


a big change
is happening

strike! 60min


the emily said...

mmm, chocolate.

change? i'm intrigued.

Nikki said...

ditto what Emily said.

Anonymous said...

The raggedy ann and andy plate looks incredibly familiar... being it was copywritten in 1974, I'll throw a wild guess out there that I have eaten a meal or two on it myself! I am glad to see you have it now, because it most likely would have ended up in a garage sale 30-some yrs ago. the crack is sad indeed, but you did an outstanding job in taking care of it all those years. I guess I gotta call you to find out what the big change on wednesday is?? TTYS! -Love kari

sarahlove said...

What an adorable plate!! So sad that it broke :(

CHANGE?! Like what??? Do tell!!!

Did your parents like the cookie??

What did you buy from VS??

Rachel said...

I think we had a plate very similar to that when I was a kid... love it! Sorry yours broke.

Change, change, what, where? ;-)