Monday, February 7, 2011

a helping heart ~ a raffle

i wish that i could do this story justice, but i can't, so i'm not even going to try.
what i can do is tell you to read this, this, and this.
i put those links mainly because this isn't my story to tell, but i still want to help out. and this is my way of helping.
you could win this!

i went to high school with cecilia, although didn't really know her. i recently reconnected with her through our mutual friend sarah. i met her at sarah's holiday pink party.
as you've read, it's amazing how life can change in the 48 hours after we were hanging out drinking wine and eating desserts, laughing and telling stories.
in all honesty i'm trying to put words to what it is that i'm thinking about what this family is going through, and i can't think of a thing.
my point is this, sarah is having a raffle for the above necklace to help raise money for this family as they enjoy life.
please check out the details here, and if you can help out i would greatly appreciate! sarah is staying in contact with the Moore family, and i know that she would also feel grateful for any prayers and/or happy thoughts said on behalf of this family and her dear friend.
sarah, emily, sara, erlinda, cecilia, sara, yadeeh, and i
time is limited as tickets are only available through sunday february 13th, so please act super duper fast! many hearts, prayers, and blessings to you Cece, Waylon, Jacob, and Emily!
treadmill 60min


sarahlove said...

Thank you so much April!!! <3 Every little bit helps during this time of need. Hugs to you and everyone for their thoughts of love and support.

the emily said...

Good for you! Their story just breaks my heart. I think about them every day, and I don't remember knowing Cecilia at all. I hope the best for them.