Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a perfect combination

Valentine’s Day/Weekend 2011 has officially come and gone, and I have to say that for me the day and the weekend was pretty much perfect. I had a little bit of everything. I had some me/alone time, some crazy/busy time, some single going out time, ending with an actual date as a “Valentine”.

It started on Friday night. I did my normal Saturday chores on Friday night as I knew I would have no time to do them on Saturday. Plus I had to get my house clean and ready for a house guest Saturday night. So I did some laundry and grocery shopping, followed by an errand to the post office, then some alone time at dinner. It’s been a super long time since I’ve gone out to dinner by myself, but I figured while I was out I might as well. So I went to Rumbi and brought my book to read, and was set for some me time. I was pleasantly interrupted by a phone call from my friend Sarah, so I didn’t get much reading done, but it felt good to be out by myself, and then reminded that I have friends that call me!

Saturday was back to back madness. But fun, oh so much fun! Got in a quick workout. Got to see my friend Sarah that I hadn’t seen since October (seriously where does that time go?!), followed by some sexy shopping with April at Victoria’s Secret. The shopping trip was a success, just in time for me to make it to my spa appointment for an eye-brow wax, and pedicure. During the eye-brow was I was bluntly told by the esthetician that I had a mustache and that it just had to go. So for the first time ever I got my upper lip waxed. OUCH! But I do have to say it looks so much better. After the spa I went home to get ready for the Bitter Ball. I only had about 30 minutes to get ready. ..to do makeup, freshen up hair, get dressed, and do some last minute cleaning. It was a little bit crazy there at the end. But just in time to go have a relaxing dinner. The rest of the details of Saturday night can be read here.

Sunday was a “normal” day I guess I would say. Julie and I dragged ourselves out of bed to make it to STRIKE! At 9:15am. I don’t know if it was because I was half asleep during the first part of class, but class for me flew by! Those 60minutes went by wicked fast. After class Julie and I drove downtown for some breakfast, and for me to drop her off at her car. …special you ROCK shout out to April for driving all the way downtown to pick up our drunk selves up Saturday night(early Sunday morning)! Once home I got caught up on some "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Private Practice". Then I tried to take a nap, which I was unsuccessful at doing. So at around 3pm I decided to get ready and take a shower.

This is where it gets interesting, and since this is just a rundown of my weekend I won’t get into too many specifics, except to say that M is back in the picture. Yes, this is the same M from early last year, and yes, the last time we saw one another was back in April. But we’ve actually now seen one another three times over the past 2 weeks. If there is more to say at a later day, I will of course share it. Anyways, so Sunday evening M and I went to dinner and hung out.

And now yesterday. M was my Valentine. I didn’t want to make it a “valentine” thing…in fact it was M’s idea, not mine. M loves hockey, and I just happened to get some tickets to the Avalanche game that was last night. We were talking last Thursday and I asked him if he would like to go. He of course said yes, and that was that. I didn’t mention the fact that it was Valentine’s day, nothing. Then once we are off the phone he sends me a text that says “so I guess that means you are my Valentine?” So there you have it. He then proceeded to ask me what I wanted for Valentine’s day. And I was left sorta dumbfounded because it has been so many years since I’ve actually had a true valentine. He ended up getting me a candle and a card, and he got a card. We went to dinner prior to the game, then had fun watching the Avalanche lose horribly to the Calgary Flames. Last night was by far our best date to date. Once we got to the Pepsi Center he gave me a kiss and told me “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He did that a few times after the game as well. Definite sweetness points for that.

Overall the weekend and the actual Valentine’s Day, day were perfect. I have to be honest and say that it was actually really nice to have someone to spend Valentine’s day with. Granted as of right now M is just a guy I’m dating, and I would ideally like to spend the day with someone that I know I have a future with. But for me it is a definite step up, considering I’ve spent the holiday alone for the past 5 years. And last night was truly a lot of fun.

barbell strength 60min


the emily said...

I recently did the lip wax too for the first time--OUCH!doesn't even cover it, but tweezing is muuuch worse. Sounds like a really great weekend!

Nikki said...

You had a busy, busy weekend, my dear. I am happy that you had a nice time. Happy Valentine's Day (a little late). Love you!