Friday, March 26, 2010

just so you know

well i'm calling it officially done with M. we saw each other at the beginning of march. it was prompted by me. i was going a little bit crazy because we had discussed seeing each other when he got back into town in the middle of february. well when he got back he stood me up. but i was going to sleep thinking about him, and i knew i would have to see him one more time. only because i said i would see him. for the most part i do what i say, and so i had to make this happen, or else i knew it would linger in my head. so we hung out. we actually spent a lot of time together which was nice. i told him about what was my upcoming vegas trip at the time, and he invited himself to join me. which was surprising and i told him he could come. long story short, he didn't come (obviously). while i was in vegas i took a picture of the eiffel tower with my cell phone and sent him the pic, he responded "wow". and that was the last time the 2 of us communicated with each other. i thought i would give it a couple of weeks, which have passed, and call it over. which is what i'm doing now.

today at work i read this article about being single.
it's true of course. i know and appreciate the things the single life offers. and i take advantage of everything listed on that list. but i'm ready. to meet a nice, decent, gentleman, type of guy. who knows if it'll happen. and i know i sound like a broken track record but i hope. everyday i hope.
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sarahlove said...

I enjoyed the article, thanks for sharing!

Hope is all it takes. There is some guy out there hoping just like you are!

For now though.... keep discovering who you are- TRAVEL! Love yourself.

You are amazing!!! :o)

Nikki said...

I agree with Sarahlove. I am sorry he treated you with disrespect in that way. I love you very much!

the emily said...

I hope too!