Sunday, March 21, 2010

mother nature

yesterday i went to go see the movie avatar. when this movie first came out i wanted nothing to do with it. i didn't really know what it was about, it looked like a sci-fi and i'm not a big sci-fi type of movie girl. so i had no interest. and then the numbers starting coming out as well as the oscar nominations, and all of the talk. all of that started to peak my interest, and i got a little bit curious. so i checked it out. i have to say i really liked it. i kept thinking about james cameron during this movie, and comparing it to titanic. the first thing that comes to mind about this movie is imagination. to know that someone thought of this whole other world, species, and language is just crazy to me. i was thinking about titanic and how the story of the ship was a true story, and that james cameron had that to go on when he created the love story in that movie. but this movie? nope, it all came out of this head!
one of the main focus points on this movie is mother nature. taking place of where it is that we live. this point of view i loved. i like to think of myself as "green" and that i do what i can to minimize my carbon footprint. this movie shows the future and what "could be". taking care of our planet i think should be a priority for all. there are simple things out there, that we can all do to help. all of us just need to pitch in.
this movie is very visually stimulating. the colors are gorgeous! the blues, purples, red, yellows, and whites. just beautiful. you can't help but stare at the screen. i would love to have jupiter has my backdrop! the trees, the green, it very well could have been my version of heaven.
if you haven't taken the time to go see this movie, go see it!
what did you think of avatar?
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Nikki said...

I agree, it was very imaginative. I liked all the special effects, and the colors were beautiful.

the emily said...

I haven't seen it but my dad saw it last week in 3D and raved about it for like a half hour. And my dad does NOT do that. So it must be pretty okay.

Anonymous said...

Okay...its official...I am an Aprils Blog Junkie!! I love your postings, because they are so colorful with all your great pix and also fun to read and keep up with what you are up to from day to day. There! I admitted it. :)

Would like to see Avatar...didnt think I'd like it either, cuz of the sci-fi thing. But, then again, I said that about Twilight too...And just imagine, how I would have deprived myself of such a beautiful thing if I never gave it a chance...So I am going to see it and take Larry with me:)

Kathy said...

I too loved Avatar. It is a wonderful, beautiful, colorful, imaginative movie. The cinemaphotography is fantastic.

your Aunt Kathleen