Sunday, March 14, 2010

viva las vegas

so remember this post about las vegas, and me getting the itch to go? well my photographer friend Sarah scratched! she wrote a comment letting me know that she was going and that i could join her. i immediately emailed her to find out if she was serious or not, and few emails later i booked my ticket!

i arrived super early thursday morning. sarah joined me for a quick workout(thanks Sarah!), and our vegas weekend officially began!
first stop had to be breakfast!
we accidentally took the wrong tram to the Mandalay Bay, but it worked out because we found a cafe where i had some huge pieces of stuffed french toast with banana's and nuts!
we then walked through Crystal's a new very upscale shopping area. we went into Tiffany's and tried on some pretty rings, then to Mikimoto where we tried on a $33,000 pearl and diamond bracelet.
then we walked to the miracle mile, which are the shops at planet hollywood. once inside we decided to take a break, and we sat and talked for what seemed like 2 hours.
we then traveled across the street to see the dancing water show at the Bellagio, then down to dinner at Caesars Palace at Serendipity 3. this place was awesome! it's is a diner type place, and super fun.
then it was time to call it a night.

friday was super busy, which was good because i was very well rested. we took the tram to the Bellagio and had a nice and leisurely breakfast. at the Bellagio they were changing the seasons of the flowers! this is one thing i have always loved about the Bellagio. and to see part of this transformation was amazing.
we then watched a game of roulette for a good hour and half before we decided it was time to play ...and lose within a couple of rounds.
it was then time for a snack at a place in Bellagio that has the worlds largest chocolate fountain. it literally has chocolate falling from the sky!
friday night was our party night in vegas!
it started and ended at the Mirage.
we went to go see the Beatle's LOVE show followed by some fun dancing at rEVOLution!
it had been so long since i had been out dancing like that, and we had a great time. we danced from 10pm to about 1:30am.

saturday we headed to go see the inside of Aria.
and to see the finished flowers at the Bellagio.
then to the airport where my flight was delayed, and didn't get home last night until 1am, which was really like 2am.

the trip was a lot of fun, and i have more to say about it, and pictures coming tomorrow!
elliptical 40min


Wonderer said...

woohoo, sounds like a great trip!

Nikki said...

Sounds awesome. i would have liked that chocolate fountain. I am glad you were able to spend time with a good friend too.

the emily said...

so fun! how do you suppose they clean that fountain?

April said...

emily - i have no clue! good question, it was beautifully clean too!