Monday, March 15, 2010

vegas pics

thursday march 11th

walking around crystal's shopping mall
these are huge ice logs, with water running down them and slowly melting.
very very cool.

beautiful flowers followed by this really cool water tornado display thing.
i know my words don't do the pictures justice, and the pictures don't really do
them justice either. just try to imagine how cool everything is.
sarah and i standing next to one of the water tornado's
the details in the mall are simply amazing.
these are steps on a stair case!
yummy frozen peanut butter hot chocolate at serediptidy 3
sooo good!
here is the chocolate fountain.
seriously awesome and beautiful.
friday march 12th
the beatles lounge: revolution
our dance spot for the night!

sarah and i dancing the night away!
i honestly can't remember the last time i had this much dancing! we were on the dance floor 3+ hours! even better was that we got on the dance floor right away! usually when i go out dancing the girls always have to have a few drinks, sit down, what for a buzz. not this night! we did have one drink (well technically i had one drink and a shot, and sarah had a shot), and it was because i was thirsty. we did attract some guys, but i think mostly it was because we weren't there to be with guys. we truly didn't care, and just had so much fun.
...although this guy can come get in my picture anytime! ;)
not too sure why he decided to come in and take this picture with me, but he did!
saturday march 13th
very cool sculpture at the aria

finished flowers at the bellagio

what was great about this trip was the company i had. sarah and i were on the HS drill team together. we both love to dance!
sarah and i rekindled our friendship through the amazing world of social networking. first with myspace, followed by blogging, and now facebook. we got together for a meal while i was home at christmastime(the first time we spent any real time together since she graduated HS in 1997) and we had lunch together and chatted for a couple of hours. she's happily married to her high school sweetheart and it's great to have her as a new/old friend.
one of the reason's i took this trip is because i can. because i'm single and have no kids. because i know that if one day i do get married and become a mom a trip like this won't be able to happen. it was great to walk around with sarah and take breaks along the way and just sit and chat.
elliptical 45min


the emily said...

those flowers are AMAZING! and how do you freeze HOT chocolate?

and take advantage of the trips sans kids. some day you won't be able to go on a whim like that. awesome for you.

April said...

emily, i asked the same question! they just use the same hot chocolate powder that they would use for making hot chocolate. the drink itself isn't hot at all. i hope that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

The pics are great April. I am dying to go to that mall now! You know how I LOVE to shop!! LOL. Also, can I just say how AMAZING you look! I love the pic of you in jeans and that blue/green patterned shirt. You look great! Love Ya!


sarahlove said...

It was so much FUN!!! I am glad that we have the lifestyle to just 'get up and go' and the fact that WE actually DO IT is great. Saying it and doing it is what makes it count.

Cheers to life! *<[:o)