Saturday, March 6, 2010

why living in a big city is great

one of the advantages of living in denver, is all the cool stuff that goes on here. and all things in moderation right? denver has what they call restaurant week for $52.80 for two people. you get to go out to eat at a place you wouldn't normally, have 3 or 4 courses for $52.80. the 5280 is a big promotional thing here because that's our elevation. plus that's exactly one mile, hence the mile high city. we have 5280 magazine, hotels that have a rate of $52.80, and restaurant week. i'm sure we have other things, but those are the things i can remember off the top of my head. so i invited my new friend katherine to join me at a restaurant downtown tuesday night for dinner.
we went to the 9th door. it's a tapas bar, and it was lovely. everything was so good. trying new things always gets me excited, and this was the perfect excuse.

hydro 60min


Nikki said...

That's a cool promotional. Does it only happen once a year?

Peg said...

We went to Fogo de Chao and the Melting Pot during two weeks of the promotion. I love this idea and look forward to it every year!

The Emily's aunt that lives in Northglenn!

April said...

nikki - yup once a year.

peg - what's fogo de chao? was it worth while? thanks SO much for your comments!

Peg said...

it's a brazilian steakhouse and they bring the meats to you table and slice portions off onto your plate like Rodizio Grill. The food was good, however, we had reservations and they still made us wait 45 minutes before sitting us. Not cool!