Sunday, March 7, 2010

free jewelry!

all the pretty ladies at our silpada party!
all the pretty ladies trying on the beautiful silpada jewelry!
all my gorgeous free silpada jewelry!
so the weekend i was home was jam packed. right when i landed, my parents picked me up and we headed home for a silpada jewelry party, hosted by my mom and i, with tina as our silpada representative. tina flew all the way from florida for the weekend to host two parties. my mom put together some fabulous sandwiches, fruit, and crackers with dip. ...this was pretty amazing because my mom was super sick, and even more amazing you can't even tell she was sick in our family photos! my mom is seriously the best ever.

the silpada party was a big hit! with my two parties combined (the virtual party and the home party) i sold more than $1600!, which got me almost $700 in free jewelry! that equals 2 pairs of earrings, 1 ring, 1 ankle bracelet, 1 three set bracelets, and 7 necklaces! ...i exchanged 2 rings for 2 necklaces that i haven't yet got.
as i've gotten older jewelry places a roll in my life, as the finishing pieces. something about putting on a necklace just makes me feel "grown up".

thanks to tina for her super hard work to put this all together, and making it a huge success!
dance jam 60min
elliptical 12min


the emily said...

WOW, you got some great stuff! I love the black necklace in the middle. I have only recently started wearing jewelry--something about little boys and necklaces don't mix, but I might have to stop again now that I have another baby, darn it.

Wonderer said...

so cool! I'm glad your parties were so successful!

Nikki said...

Sounds fun! I am glad that worked out so well!