Friday, March 5, 2010

nicholas sparks kick

so i recently got done reading 3 books by nicholas sparks. i had never read one of his books before, but had always been curious. a co-worker recommended i read the notebook. so that's what i did, followed by the choice, then the sequel to the notebook, the wedding.
as you can imagine nicholas sparks writes the classic romance. what every girl wants out of a man, he writes about beautifully. which in all honest is very surprising because the author is a man. to have a man be so romantic and to write it down is quite impressive.
his stories for the most part are very simple. which i believe is why his books make good movies. because they are easy. the plots are easy to follow, but engages the reader with an emotional connection to give you the hope for the happily ever after.
if you want that lovey dovey feeling of happiness and love, these books are great for that!
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Anonymous said...

Yes, The Notebook and The Wedding were fun.
I don't think The Choice was made into a movie?