Sunday, March 28, 2010

some spring cleaning

who knows what it is about a change in day light and the season, but after living in my house for 4 years i finally decided to clean out my linen closet.

categorized by hair, face, make-up, and toes.


nice and clean, and organized. if i was truly motivated i would had actually gone through and cleaned out all of my clinique make-up bags, and decided what i wanted to keep, what to get rid of, had a bag for eyes, lips, etc...
maybe next year.
STRIKE! 60min


the emily said...

Oooh I love to be organized. The hard part, after the actual organization, is keeping it that way. That's why I love the Container Store. I have lots of baskets that stack on top of each other, and each basket is a category. That way everything has an actual place, and if I reach for something, I'm not knocking other things over. Heaven.

Wonderer said...

looks good! it feels so good to get some spring cleaning done!